A Dream Job

Your dream job may not be the same as my dream job, but a dream job for anyone has these qualities – it is dynamic, it is fulfilling and it matters. We’ve just posted a job for someone who would work with me on communications, and I truly believe it is a dream job for the right person.

I lead Acumen Fund’s communication efforts, and have the privilege of supporting Acumen Fund’s core mission of changing the way the world tackles poverty through our work to communicate stories of what works, to spread ideas and new approaches, and to expand our impact through our community around the world.

Change can come about in many ways. Today, I watch young people getting arrested on TV for Occupy efforts across the country and know that they are part of a change we need to see in how our country allocates opportunity. Last week, I stood with my colleagues and talked to our global community of supporters about a change in how the world tackles the gaping holes in access to critical goods and services faced by the world’s poor through the catalytic role of entrepreneurship.

In all the great changes of the past many decades, the storytellers have played a role. We’re looking for someone who understands the power of storytelling, of media, of language. This is the job for someone who has been drawn to the fields of journalism and communications because of an unflappable faith that, despite the constraints of contemporary media, there is a way to use words, images and stories to communicate truth, to inspire, and to drive change.

And this is the dream job for someone who wants to use their skills and networks in media and communications to help articulate and amplify a bold new approach to tackling global poverty.  If this is you, or someone you know, check out the job posting!

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