Blog rescues woman stumbling through challenging year

Everyone keeps saying how tough 2012 was, and my thought is always, c’mon, it wasn’t that bad. But truth be told, it was that bad, and for many, destructive and tragic and violent. And if it wasn’t that bad for me, it’s because I am ridiculously fortunate. For many reasons, but among them, because of the support and love with which I am blessed. And in some small way, because when I look back on this year, I can see not only the horrors that took place around the world, but also the victories – the lives saved, the discoveries, the commitments made to make things even better, for everyone. And personally, I can see not only where I fell short, but also where I grew. Where I learned, who I learned from, and where I shared my own voice on issues close to my heart. This blog is a testament to that part of 2012, so before closing out the year, I thought I’d look back on my year of blogging and thank all of you for being a part of it.

On January 3rd of this year, I made a commitment on this blog to helping to celebrate the creative choices that people make to live a “whole life”, and over the course of the year had a chance to write about 3 amazing women who inspire me. There are seven more on their way.

Later, I pledged to honor my brother and all that he has taught me by loving more freely and building a “legacy of love.” That, I’m afraid, is still very much a work in progress.

I had my fist piece in the Huffington Post on the power of choice in childbirth, and the need to go beyond just survival in how we think about health among the poor. Shortly after that, I shared lessons here from the Op-Ed project, where I was given serious encouragement in my efforts to refine and share my voice and ideas with others, and I had a chance to put those lessons into effect when I did my first TEDx talk in San Francisco on the same themes as my Huffington Post blog.

I have written here about partnerships, about sustainable coffee, and about cause marketing, and I have imagined dozens of posts that I never wrote, but wanted to, and perhaps will.

So much is missing – the stories of other “whole-lifers” who inspire me and who will find their way here eventually. The story of Hurricane Sandy, and the amazing woman who took me and my children in when our apartment became unlivable.  The stories of my children and my endless revelations about how amazing these tiny developing human beings are, and yet how easily they get ill and how frequently I am standing directly in front of them when they throw up. Stories of individuals who showed me what is possible in times of crisis, and times of change, and times when good enough simply won’t do. Everything I learned throughout this incredible year of work, living, meeting up, and falling down.

This blog has been an outlet for me, and each time I’ve had the time (and more importantly, courage) to post, you have been my inspiration and my reward. Because let’s be honest, writing is not a solo endeavor, and when I write, I do it because I hope that something I have to say will occur to someone else as useful. You have made me feel that. You have made me feel that even if I am just starting on a journey of writing, that someone is listening, and that you are willing to include me in whatever journey you are on by considering my words, and sometime, even sharing them.

It makes the falling down so much easier, and the general feeling of “am I doing this right?” much less of a burden. Thank you for joining me here, and for sharing your stories with me. And with all wishes for a 2013 with just as much learning and reaching, and fewer moments of confusion, loss and self-doubt, Happy New Year!


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  1. You are a light to the world. Thank you for sharing your voice, your insight, your courage, and your commitment. It is an honor and a pleasure to know you.

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