About me

I’m the Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships at Acumen Fund. I’m also the mother of two kids, one four and one almost 2. A lot of what I write about here is about the dance of having a job I love and care about and a family.

Acumen is working to change the way the world tackles poverty by investing in social enterprises, emerging leaders and breakthrough ideas.

So I care about brand, stories, ideas, and ways to spread all of the above. I also believe that this will take all of us, and so am always interested in engaging with people who share a vision for a world where people have access to the things they need, from safe water and maternal care, to choice, dignity and beauty.

I am helping to build a movement of thought leaders, change agents, students, young professionals and social entrepreneurs who are committed to approaching poverty in a different way. But I didn’t always have this job. When I joined Acumen in 2003 I initiated and managed the Water Portfolio and built a modest $3 million portfolio in start-up water enterprises in India and East Africa that have grown to over $40 million in value.

I’ve been working in international development, corporate sustainability and social entrepreneurship for sixteen years, with time spent at Ashoka, Global Futures, and Ford Moto Company. I write and speak on the topics of social change, social enterprise, impact investing, philanthropy, and career paths. I started my journey to find news ways to solve big problems at Vassar College where I also cultivated my love of jazz singing as a member of the Night Owls. While at Stanford getting my MBA I was bitten by the social enterprise bug, and it led me to join Acumen Fund when it was embarking on it third year.

I live in NY, feel at home almost anywhere, and thank you for reading this far.


One response to “About me

  1. Nitesh R Prasad

    It feels so good that Acumen’s water program has grown from 3 mn to 40 mn. Hope you remember me from my ICICI Bank days. We were working with Water Health International in locations close to vijaywada.
    hope all well at ur end. I am now with HDFC Bank for the last 7 yrs. I also have 2 kids. Both daughters (one 7 yrs and one of 1 yr).
    Congrats on your motherhood as well.
    Hope to keep in touch in future.

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